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My first introduction to rave music was when my uncle handed me The Prodigy - Experience and Orbital - Orbital (Green Album). I was 10 years old and had never heard anything like that before, I was hooked instantly.

Fast forward a couple of years and I discovered Hardcore and everything changed for me. Scott Brown, Q-Tex, Ultra-Sonic, Marc Smith, Trevor Reilly, Mark Sherry, David Forbes and many more Scottish producers were making tunes that blew my mind. The Scottish rave scene was blowing up big time.

I got my introduction to Trance through Hardcore. The Bonkers series had started and I discovered while liking the Happy Hardcore sound I always preferred the more underground mixes by Sharkey. It had elements of trance and not as much sing-a-long vocals. Through Sharkey I discovered Mark EG & M-Zone who were playing the old Bonzai Records sound at the time. For me 1992 - 1997 is still the best era of Trance. I would buy all the tapepacks from Slammin Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, Dreamscape etc and listen to them constantly.

I got my first clubbing experience in 1997, I was just coming up 15 but my friends and I wanted to see Force & Styles playing at The Fubar in Stirling. Somehow we all got in!!!! The night was amazing and that started me on my clubbing journey. By 1999 and with Trance becoming more popular I got to see Ferry Corsten's first ever UK gig and Tiesto's first Scottish gig at The Tunnel in Glasgow. The Residents at The Tunnel were Colin Tevendale & Steven McCreery and they became my favourite Dj's, playing Trance & Progressive. Steven McCreery was like Sasha, John Digweed & Nick Warren all rolled into one incredible Dj.

I got into Djing when my friend was doing the school discos!! Playing mostly chart dance at the time. He gave me a go and we decided to organise our own little events. We would book the local sports hall on a Friday night and hold our own raves. We sold tickets at school for £2 and this lasted a couple of years.

My first equipment was one of those horrible Citronic double cd players with the tiny jogwheels and then some Citronic belt drive turntables (It's all I could afford while still being at school). Once I left school and started working I purchased a Pioneer DJM 600 mixer with CDJ 800 players and some Technics 1210s. The 1210s never got delivered!!! I didn't get charged for them so blew the money on a holiday.

Like many others in the group I was watching videos on Youtube when I came across Hebbs' channel. (I never regretted not eventually getting some 1210's until discovering this group. Thanks guys!!!) Through the group I've discovered some amazing people and some of the most talented Dj's that I've ever heard. It's been a great experience getting to hear everyone play and seeing how we all have such different tastes and styles but it all comes together and unites us all. Looking forward to the future.


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