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What's good fellow RaveCaver's??? My name is Rick and I am a 61 year old guy living in Connecticut in the U.S.A., and how the hell did I get to be this old? It felt like yesterday I was in the clubs dancing and rolling my butt off all night and into the morning hours the next day! Man how time has flown by, I mean it seems like I went from 40 to 60 in the blink of an eye!

So, what about me? Well I am a retired police officer, serving almost 18 years before receiving an on the job injury in the form of a broken back during an altercation. I am on disability but do not live the life of a disabled man. Shortly after my retirement I discovered everything, both good and bad, that comes with night clubs and from around 38 years old, until I was 58 or so, I just about lived in the clubs between Boston and New York City. I just could not get enough of the music, energy, people, sense of togetherness, (probably because everyone was high and rolling). From around 2010 to the present day, the night clubs where you could go to hear trance, techno or dance music slowly began to disappear and for various reasons. Some could not compete with online hookups because people did not need the bar now to meet someone for the night. With less and less people going out, clubs just could not afford to exist and slowly, one after another they have closed and are gone forever. Those that survived this onslaught of closures soon would fall victim to Covid-19 and now they are all gone. For me, to fulfill the part of my heart and soul that trance music comprised, I had to find a way to feel free, feel alive, feel like I belong again, a sense of togetherness, something in common and I wa having a hard time finding this. Then I began going on Youtube and suddenly the windows and doors of opportunity began to open and presented itself to me as watching live or taped streaming sessions with dj's from all around the world. I found some I loved and listened to their stuff constantly until the next new dj came along and I would be in love with him or her and forgot about the dj just prior (sorry to all of those dj's I kicked to the curb). Well all of that changed when I stumbled upon a video stream by Hebbs, who was not live at the time as I was watching a uploaded video clip, but You would not know he wasn't live and as a matter of fact, it felt like I was right there in the room with him and all of those others who were in the chat at the time of the stream. I just can't get enough of Mr. Hebbs!!! Being in the club/party scene for over 20 years and having made friends and am now close with several prominent dj's, all of them very talented and skilled in their own way but when I saw Hebbs spin, I knew I had never seen someone like this before and that he was in fact the real fuckin deal, hands down, no if, ands or butts!!! I truly believe he is one if not the best dj of our time today and to think he streams and records to essentially give it away to anybody that wants it for the amazing low price of just $0.00! FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!! I could not believe all of his stuff was free but because of how Mr. Hebbs is and what lies in his heart, he truly looks at what he does, that magic behind the Technics decks that he creates each and every time he spins inside the dj booth, as a hobby but much more than any old hobby. Music and being a dj runs deep within Hebbs soul and this is what drives him to be the best he can so over the years, well as they say, practise makes perfect and that is what Hebbs has done. If your not watching him closely, he will do things to the mixer, album or anything else going on at the time, you will miss what he actually did. I have never, ever seen a dj so smooth, so cool, calm and collected spinning and mixing, all of which are superb and almost done to pure perfection. The literal seconds it takes him to match and mix a beat to the current lp on the deck is stunning to say the least, simply stunning. Hebbs is the Jedi-Master of The Decks in this humble man's opinion. Hebbs so impressed, inspired, awed, dazzled and amazed me that I had to send him a message about my feedback of his overall dj skills. He actually replied from across the world with kind words of thanks for my expressed opinions of him as I related my admiration and showered him with a zillion percent deserved compliments. I then looked into Hebbs Rave Cave and I knew that I had come home and that this is the place where I can find some sense of the after club life, what I have been experiencing, going through, missing with my heart and soul, searching for a way to return that joy and happiness I felt when I was on the dance floor with what appeared to be not a care in the world and at that very moment, thats how I really felt. When I listen to Hebbs mixes, this is the same feeling I get, the goosebumps when a song drops, and I am dancing all over the house like a crazy person. Well I don't care, not for a single moment. I am not ashamed of who I am, what I have become, what I lived through and to reclaim a sense of that club life by joining Hebbs The Rave Cave has indeed helped to heal my broken heart and spirit and replace that emptiness with a true sense of being in a special group of like minded people who also yearn for days long past, for just another night on the dance floor in 1999, or 2000 when Trance was King and nothing could touch it because it was filled with the heart and passion of all its followers and those that would soon take to the dance floor to once again embark on a journey to nowhere, but in reality for us that believe, it was a journey to everywhere! Thank you Hebbs for all you do, for creating this special forum where all are welcome as I am not a dj, although I always told myself I know what to play so I tink I would have been an amazing dj. But for now, I can find the solice and comfort in everything that each and every member and patron of the Rave Cave has to offer, be it a stream of their own, kind words, pat on the shoulder or dare I say it, but a hug. I look forward to getting to know each of you and am excited as hell to be in the live chat when Hebbs is spinning and mixing his heart out, interacting with everyone. You will find I am a humble, spirit filled, God loving and fearing man, who wishes to hurt or harm nobody and whose purpose which I feel is God ordained, is to help others in the world to the best of my ability. Thanks for taking the time to read my "about" section......